Sustainability & Certificates

Economy, ecology and social issues.

Uhlhorn Group’s mission is to contribute to sustainable through better balanced economic trade that fosters both economic and social development.

Our commitment to sustainability is visible at every stage of the value chain. Through a series of actions, we aim to achieve the environmental friendly planning. Possible synergies between different logistics chains and means of transport are optimally coordinated.

We only use vehicles that are state of the art and comply with current emission standards. We also participate in pilot projects for innovative drive systems and use active route optimization systems to avoid empty runs.

Our employees receive an ongoing training in driving safety and environmentally conscious driving. We work closely with SVG Bremen eG in this regard. We are proud to say that fuel consumption has been steadily reduced in recent years.

We also offer individual trainings in the commercial area to improve the skills of our employees.
We offer vocational education and training in the professions relevant to our industry at our various locations.

Renewable energies

Uhlhorn warehouses are designed to become electricity neutral by using solar panels, LED technology and efficient equipment. With solar panels we cover almost the entire energy needs in some of our warehouses.

Solar system Bremen
Solar system Twistringen

International Food Standard

The Uhlhorn Group is fully aware of our responsibility for the food and non-food products we transport and store. Accordingly, our employees are trained in the quality, safety and food hygiene standards that must be met throughout the transport chain.

FUMO Green Carrier

plementing measures to improve the economic and ecological status of our company, including our vehicle fleet the Uhlhorn Group is certified as a FUMO Green Carrier. Which means that we are also an essential part of this development and are facing up to the challenges of ecological and sustainable action.


A standardised - EU-wide - label for organically produced products. The spatial, technical and organisational requirements have been checked and certified. The organic label covers not only controlled cultivation, but also storage and delivery. An important part of this is the mutual control/monitoring to fulfil the criteria.


The "Authorised Economic Operator" certification is a key part of the EU's customs security initiative with the aim of making supply chains more secure.

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